Using Trade Directories

When looking for pendent lights it pays to shop around. Not all suppliers stock these kind of lights so getting them may become quite a challenge. It is, therefore, important that you make use of trade directories available online, to find something that you want.

However, making use of a trade directory can also be another challenging factor. The options when it comes to directories of this nature are quite many. It can become quite confusing for you, especially if you have never used them before.

You can make use of a few strategies to ensure that you are able to find the most suitable supplier for your needs.

Before you decide on the kind of trade directory you want to use, it pays to know how many lights you need. Are they for domestic use? Are you looking for a high number of lights for your commercial business?

This will determine the directories that you are going to make use of. If you want lights for domestic use, then you will be looking for a local supplier to give you what you need. This means concentrating on business-consumer trade directories that deal with low-volume suppliues. On the other hand, if you want commercial suppliers, you will have to look for Business-to-business trade directories. These directories deal with businesses who supply commercial products to other businesses.

Do You Want Suppliers Close to Home?

One of the major ways to search for suppliers is usually done based on the location. You can use your selected trade directory to search for a supplier using geographical indicators. This means that when you are searching for a bankers lamp supplier for instance, you need to specify the location from which that supplier should come from. If you cannot find one within the locale, then you expand your administrative boundaries. You need to keep on specifying the geographical region where you are located so that you can find a supplier near you. Follow an ascending order, from the nearest suppliers to the farthest. That way you will be able to reduce the transport costs where possible.

Some times the location-based search using the trade directory will fail to work. This is especially true if the suppliers did not pay attention to optimizing their sites, and business names using the geographical optimization method.

Do You Have a Specific Supplier in Mind?

If you have an idea of which supplier you want to buy from but have no idea of where to find the supplier, you need to reorganize your strategy. Instead of searching through your trade directory of choice by location, you will need to search for it by name. Make use of commas, to enable you find the supplier you want if you are not sure of the exact name. If you have some idea of the address, add that to the name and you will come up with something.

Once you learn how to search for a supplier that you like based on your set criteria, it becomes quite easy to make use of trade directories.