Google Search Console Performance Report Gains Merchant Listing Data For Images

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Google added deeper insights for those who use merchant listings to see how well their merchant listings are performing within the Google Image Search tab. A new search appearance filter works for the image filter in the performance report in Google Search Console.

Now you can go to the performance report in Search Console, filter by “images” and then select the search appearance filter for “merchant listings” to see how well your merchant listings (products) are performing in just the image tab in Search.

Google announced this on X saying, “New to Search Console Performance report 📢 you can now see merchant listings performance in the Google Search Image tab.”

Yep, super granular here – here is that report:

Google Performance Report Image Merchant Listings

Brodie Clark shared more charts of this and how the merchant listings show in image search:

Google also posted a notice about this over here saying that after June 4th:

Impressions overlay in the Merchant listings rich report: You’ll see an increase in the number of impressions in the Merchant listings rich report. This is because Search Console is counting both image and web impressions for the Merchant listings rich report starting June 4. This is a just reporting change, not an actual increase in traffic.

So Google can get super granular with how merchant listings work in the image tab but Google won’t give us AI Overviews or Featured Snippet data in Search Console. Thanks Google!

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