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In February, we caught Google testing a new search filter named “Web Results.” Well, last ***** it went live under the name “Web.” You can now filter search results to only show text links and weed out all the videos, images, and other non-text links. This might take some of you back to the 2007 Google Search results before Universal Search launched.

I personally see the feature, but Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, wrote it is now rolling out. He wrote on X, “We’ve launched a new “Web” filter that shows only text-based links, just like you might filter to show other types of results, such as images or videos. The filter appears on the top of the results page alongside other filters or as part of the “More” option, rolling out today and tomorrow globally.”

Here is what it looks like:

Web Filter Google

Sometimes it might hide under the “more” button:

Web Filter More

Here is what those results look like:

Google Web Filter Results

He added:

We’ve added this after hearing from some that there are times when they’d prefer to just see links to web pages in their search results, such as if they’re looking for longer-form text documents, using a device with limited internet access, or those who just prefer text-based results shown separately from search features. If you’re in that group, enjoy!

As I see some questions, on mobile (the first screenshot) we tend to show all filters, including this new Web one. You don’t need to go to “More” for it. On desktop (the second screenshot), filters that seem most relevant are dynamically shown. Any filter you want that doesn’t appear, those will be found under More. This also explains more about filters.

Danny Sullivan added, “Since I joined Google, I’ve just been a boy standing in front of the search group asking it to **** a Web filter. So happy to see it’s arrived – congrats to the hard-working team on this project that through their own efforts made it a reality!”

Rajan Patel from Google also replied:

I am honestly surprised this launched – let’s see how long it will last.

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