SEO Jobs in Miami, FL (2024 Case Study)

Recently, we analyzed the SEO job market in Miami, FL, and surrounding areas within 25 miles, such as Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Hollywood, FL, to understand the job market.

Here’s what we found out:

Key Takeaways

  • The average SEO specialist‘s salary is $59,101.
  • Nearly 80% of all SEO Specialist job types were full-time.
  • The top 2 required skills were SEO and social media marketing strategies.

The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Miami is $59,101

Our research examined SEO jobs in Miami and places like Plantation, FL, Doral, FL, and more.

Based on SEO jobs in and around these locations, we found that Miami offers an average annual salary of $59,101. This is 7.7% lower than the national average of $64,032.

Many jobs were available, from SEO digital marketing specialist positions to SEO analyst roles. However, mostly all salaries were between the $45k and $80k mark.

Miami, FL, has 51% More SEO Job Opportunities

We also found that Miami, FL, has 51% more SEO job opportunities than other locations we researched.

Even better, there was a decent amount of full-time and part-time roles.

These roles came from top companies in the area, such as the Royal Caribbean Group, duPont REGISTRY, Pinpoint Recruitment, General Power, Chat Assassins, and a few others.

There were also various work-from-home, on-site, and hybrid work options.

64% of SEO Jobs in Miami, FL, Require Mid-Level Experience

Though there were many entry-level roles (compared to other locations), over 50% of all jobs required a mid-experience level. When it came to senior-level roles, there was a limited amount.

99% of All SEO Jobs in Miami, FL, Require a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

When it came to education, almost every job required a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

There were a few roles that only required an associate degree or lower (like a high school degree), but the opportunities were very limited.

Top 5 SEO Skills in Demand in Miami, FL

During our salary search, we also found various “in-demand” skills that make you an ideal candidate. These skills included:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Knowledge of best practices for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, as well as how to create an SEO strategy and use SEO tools.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Understanding of how to perform successful social media marketing campaigns and general social media management.
  3. Keyword Research: Using tools and processes to identify the best keywords for a content strategy.
  4. Email Marketing: Experience in email marketing and merging it into a search engine marketing strategy.
  5. Performance Marketing: Using analytic tools to understand and optimize performance through A/B split testing, CRO, and more.

There were also a few other related skills that popped up that were less in demand, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, web analytics, and customer service.


Our research looked into SEO job descriptions in Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and much more, showcasing an “okay” location for SEOs looking to thrive.

We mentioned “okay” because though the average pay is below average, many job opportunities are available, which makes up for it.

One last note: if this seems overwhelming, you should consider getting an SEO career mentor or learning an SEO training curriculum like Gotch SEO Academy.

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