10 Successful Ways To Improve Your SERP Rankings

Not sure what to focus on to improve your website’s rankings? Wondering which tactics can lead to quick SEO wins?

Instead of optimizing 800+ meta descriptions and calling it a day, there are easy ways you can win the heart of your clients and save time doing it.

Watch our on-demand webinar for an exclusive demonstration from Ahrefs, as they show you 10 quick optimization wins, and how you can achieve them using their tools.

You’ll learn:

  • How to monitor content decay and take action.
  • How to uncover content opportunities and gaps between you and your competitors.
  • How to boost your rankings with internal linking and other link building tactics.
  • How you can prioritize technical issues and resolve critical issues quickly.

Andrei Țiț, Product Marketer at Ahrefs shows how you can prioritize the SEO tasks with the highest impact, and how Ahrefs can help complete them within seconds.

Discover 10 quick and easy SEO wins to boost your site’s rankings.

View the slides below or check out the full webinar for all the details.

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