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Top USA 2021 Social Bookmarking

Why does your website need social bookmarking for better SEO? 


  1. Introduction of social bookmarking
  2. What is social bookmarking?
  3. Why you need it? How it’s so important?
  4. How to start with social bookmarking?
  5. List of Top 5 social bookmarking websites
  6. Conclusion
  7. Introduction

As a marketer, you may have worn a variety of hats on your debut—content strategy optimization, SEO optimization, media marketing plan. You probably do it all. As this works, you may know that you are not in charge of all the tasks on your page. You may have to go back and look at things, and this is where the bookmarking is.

If you’ve come across an article or website that helps you get better at marketing, you want to save it and return to it later. By bookmarking, you can aggregate all your bookmarks in one place and visit again when you have more time to render.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic and see what social bookmarking is, why it’s so valuable to advertisers, and what sites you can use to your advantage.

  1. What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a process for the maintenance of individual web pages in a public blogging platform that keeps all your bookmarks. Social marketing platforms allow users to save as many web pages as possible, from any device and anywhere in the world. These websites are useful for advertisers as they can add, share and provide written content with their team.

You can set the privacy of these bookmark pages. You can decide whether you want to keep it private, public, or share it with certain people. You can check to see popular articles, comment on your favourite pages, and organize them. You can customize social bookmarks through these bookmarking websites depending on your personal preferences and preferences.

  1. Why you need it? How it’s so important?

For many SEO professionals, Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular ways to get more traffic. However, over the years, this route has lost its potential. However, bookmarked web pages in social bookmarking sites are regarded as standard backlinks for search engines. And thus, when used wisely, one can always be very successful in this way

Social bookmarking is simple and effective and helps you not only improve your site traffic but also allow you to make your content relevant and help you get quality backlash from authoritative sites.

Why social bookmarking is still a way to use white hat SEO that no longer works on the page and how it can help you grow your SEO campaign. Some benefits of social bookmarking are summarized here:

  • Help to improve your Branding
  • Help in the promotion of your content/Website/Blog
  • Help to build more users or subscriber to your content
  • To lead Targeted traffic to your content
  • Lead generation
  • It creates High-quality backlinks
  • Improve site domain authority
  • Improve your page’s search engine ranking
  1. How to start with social bookmarking?

  1. List of Top 5 social bookmarking websites

Here are top five social bookmarking websites for you which may help your content to reach more traffic:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Google
  4. Pinterest
  5. Tumblr

Some comparisons of those websites may help you in SEO and rank your site on the top page of a search engine and help you build quality backlinks.


Social Bookmarking Site DA PA Alexa Rank
Twitter 100 100 36
Facebook 100 100 4
Google 98 99 1
Pinterest 98 95 147
Tumblr 100 100 85
  1. Conclusion

So, social bookmarking is very important for your content for SEO. For that, do as many bookmarking as possible. There are many bookmarking sites available on the internet, which increases your brand search engine visibility and ranking, leading to an increase in traffic to your content.

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