Steal My Free Google Looker Studio SEO Template – SEOSLY

Steal My Free Google Looker Studio SEO Template – SEOSLY

Unlock the secrets to SEO domination with my free Google Looker Studio template for SEOs.

Do you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of SEO data but lacking the insights to actually boost your rankings? As an SEO professional, I’ve been there too. Tracking keyword rankings and traffic numbers can only get you so far.

What you really need is a powerful yet simple way to analyze all that data and turn it into strategic insights.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that I’ve created an exclusive free Google Looker Studio template customized specifically for in-depth SEO analysis.

Free Google Looker Studio SEO template

What’s included in the SEO template

This template integrates data from multiple sources like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and ranking trackers (in my case it’s SE Ranking). It transforms that data into beautiful, interactive dashboards that surface key opportunities and threats for your site’s SEO.

Here’s what’s include in my free SEO Google Looker Studio (previously Google Data Studio) template:

  • Ranking tracker dashboard to visualize ranking changes for target keywords
  • Top pages analysis based on traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • Top keywords overview with volume, competitiveness, CPC data
  • Click-through-rate comparison for top pages
  • Geographic traffic analysis
  • Links to relevant GA and GSC reports for further investigation
  • Optimized page layouts for web, desktop, and mobile viewing
  • Complete filter, search, and customization options to tailor the views
  • Easy connections to your own GA and GSC accounts to populate the template
Free Google Looker Studio SEO template with page and keyword statistics
Free Google Looker Studio SEO template showing rankings overview

What you can do with this Google Looker Studio SEO template

With this template, you’ll be able to (among others):

  • Track ranking movements for your most important keywords with just a glance
  • Identify high-potential keywords you should be targeting
  • See traffic and engagement metrics for your site’s most popular pages
  • Analyze which pages are driving the most conversions
  • See how you blog pages are performing
  • What questions your organic visitors have
  • What your brand visibility is like
  • And much more!

“There is nothing else like this free Looker Studio template available anywhere – it’s even more powerful than most paid SEO templates on the market! The comprehensive data integration and customization options allow me to analyze my site’s SEO performance at a whole new level. I can easily track rankings, find new opportunities, and benchmark against competitors to boost traffic and revenue. Every SEO pro needs this free template – you won’t find another one that delivers so much value!”

  • Lucas, SEO Expert (15+ years of experience)

Step-by-step instructions for the SEO template

Together with the template, I am also giving you step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the template for your own site!

Instructions on how to copy the free Google Looker Studio SEO template
Free Google Looker Studio SEO template instructions

I’ve distilled my years of SEO experience into this free template. It provides the type of powerful yet easy-to-use analysis that I’d normally charge clients hundreds of dollars for.

Now you can unlock these profitable SEO insights to grow your website traffic and revenue!

If you like it, help me.

I’m providing this powerful SEO template completely free because I want to give back to the SEO community. If you find it helpful, I would really appreciate it if you could also subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on X (Twitter), and connect with me on LinkedIn. Just look for Olga Zarr SEO on each platform.

The additional follow-through on other platforms means so much and helps me continue creating free tools like this template to help all SEO professionals succeed. Thanks in advance for your support! 🙏

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