Share of Voice: what is it and what does it mean for your search strategy?

Measuring share of value with Pi Datametrics

Your organic Share of Voice is a valuable metric which gives you great insight into how your brand is performing. Using Pi, you can measure your own SOV, assess your target markets, and monitor competitor performance.

Pi’s Share of Voice measure explained

Pi’s SOV metric specifically measures performance on organic search.

Pi’s Share of Voice measures the commercial value of Search Terms within a category, using market trend data and the top 100 sites for each Search Term. This determines which sites are deriving the most value from organic search.

Pi’s Organic Value Score explained

Pi’s proprietary Organic Value Score, developed by our data scientists, determines a search term’s commercial value and potential to convert.

When calculating the value of a search term, OVS takes all forms of market data and conversion metrics into account (including search volume, cost-per-click, and competition in the market). This means we can accurately attribute value to search categories and determine the most commercially valuable categories and trends.

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The importance of Share of Voice in SEO

Calculating SOV across your digital marketing channels gives you a clear idea of who your competitors are. There may be some that aren’t focusing on SEO or have little social presence.

You might discover competitors you didn’t know existed or performed in your market, as well as topics you never knew you had ownership of.

With these insights, you can understand where the competition is and what challenges they pose, as well as what new opportunities the competition may bring – from PR to new partnerships. All of which lead to smarter search strategies and a clearer focus on the benefit of different channels.

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