The 15 Best Online Reputation Management Tools for 2024

The 15 Best Online Reputation Management Tools for 2024

One bad customer review, comment, or post can ruin your brand’s reputation. But how do you stay on top of online reviews with so many different review platforms out there?

This is where online reputation management tools can help.

Online reputation management tools are software solutions designed to help companies monitor and manage their brand reputation across the internet.

These tools often include features like:

  • Social media monitoring: Tracking posts across multiple social media platforms based on keywords or hashtags
  • Brand mention monitoring: Tracking, gathering, and reporting on online mentions of your brand
  • Online review management: Collecting and displaying online reviews for your business from a wide variety of online sources, with the option to respond to reviews from one central location
  • Brand sentiment analysis: Analyzing online mentions and reviews of your business to understand customers’ overall sentiment toward your brand

Most people research a brand before making an online purchase. In fact, almost 70% of online shoppers read between one to six customer reviews before they buy something.

This makes it crucial that you manage your brand’s online reputation proactively. This is where online reputation management tools can help.

These tools offer a wide range of benefits for businesses:

  • Learn what people think about your brand: You can use these types of tools to measure brand sentiment and get raw, unfiltered feedback on your brand by analyzing real customer reviews
  • Manage online reviews more effectively: Your business likely gets reviews on multiple platforms, such as Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Yelp, and others. Online reputation management software allows you to consolidate all of these reviews. And read and reply to them from one central location.
  • Prevent a brand crisis: A single unaddressed negative comment can lead to a brand crisis. A reputation management tool can help you quickly spot and address any negative feedback to prevent a potential disaster.

Ready to improve your online reputation? Check out our list of the best online reputation management tools for 2024.

1. Social Inbox

Semrush’s Social Inbox app gives you a way to monitor and respond to customer comments, messages, and mentions across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn from a single location.

Here’s how to use it:

Select the project you’d like to manage your social messages for from the drop-down at the top.

Searching for projects in Social Inbox app

Next, connect your social media profiles by clicking the “Connect profiles” button.

"Connect profiles" button in Social Inbox app

Choose which social network you’d like to connect a profile for.

"Connect Facebook," "Connect Instagram," and "Connect LinkedIn" drop-down menu

Finally, enter your login details to connect the profile.

Once you’ve added a profile, you can manage all mentions, comments, and messages for that profile from the Social Inbox dashboard.

Social Inbox dashboard

What We Like

The ability to organize and sort through messages using tags makes it easy to stay on top of all customer communication.


The Social Inbox app comes with a free seven-day trial. The paid plan costs $19.75/month.

Media Monitoring is an app for Semrush that helps you track brand mentions across dozens of platforms. It can segment customer feedback into positive, negative, and neutral.

There’s also the option to set up automated email notifications to alert you as soon as your brand is mentioned online.

Apart from tracking your own brand mentions, you can also use Media Monitoring to track mentions of your competitors.

Here’s how to get started:

First, launch the tool and enter the keywords you’d like to track. Next, select a language (optional). Then, hit the “Create Project” button.

"Wendy's" entered under "Keyword" box and "English" under "Language" box in Media Monitoring app

The app will then look for mentions of your keywords around the web and generate a report.

The “Summary” tab will show you your latest brand mentions and a graph of mention volume by ****.

A "Summary" dashboard for "Wendy's" in Media Monitoring app

If you want to review all your mentions, click on the “Mentions” tab.

Here, you’ll be able to see all your brand mentions sorted by ****.

"Mentions" tab in Media Monitoring app

You can then filter the list by category, sentiment, and importance by using the checkboxes and buttons on the right.

Media Monitoring app filters

If you’d like to learn more about your brand’s reach, how people feel about your business, and the most influential websites mentioning your brand, go to the “Analysis” tab.

Here, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the ratio of positive and negative brand mentions, how your brand reach changes over time, and more.

"Analysis" dashboard in Media Monitoring app

What We Like

The ability to discover influencers who are talking about your brand, which opens up the opportunity for collaborations that can further improve your reputation.


Media Monitoring comes with a free seven-day trial you can use to test out the app. The paid plan costs $39/month.

3. Brand Monitoring

The Brand Monitoring app lets you track mentions of your brand and your competitors across the web. While similar to the Media Monitoring app, Brand Monitoring puts greater emphasis on real-time monitoring, allowing businesses to respond to mentions as soon as possible.

For example, it allows you to set up daily mention digests and create custom alerts to notify you of sudden spikes in brand mentions. 

Mentions can be filtered by language, country, and more.

Here’s how to set up mention tracking with the app:

From the Brand Monitoring app page, hit the “Get started” button.

"Get started" with Brand Monitoring app

Select the “Brand” option.

"Brand" selected under the drop-down menu in Brand Monitoring app

Now, you’ll need to create a brand query. Start by entering one or more brand keywords.

"Create brand query" window

Keep the “Exact match” box checked to reduce the chances of getting irrelevant mentions.

If you’d like to receive an email digest of your brand mentions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, enter your email address in the “Send email notification” section.

"Send email notification" section

You can choose which sources you’d like to track in the “Sources” section.

"Sources" section in Brand Monitoring app

You also have the option to limit brand monitoring to specific countries or languages.

"Countries," and "Languages" section in setting up Brand Monitoring app

Once you’re happy with the setup, hit the “Create query button” at the bottom.

The app will then fetch all your brand mentions and display them as a list.

A list of brand mentions in Brand Monitoring app

You can select a specific **** range that you’d like to review mentions for by clicking on the “**** range” drop-down.

"**** range" drop-down menu in Brand Monitoring app

Or you can use the “Filters” drop-down to filter the list by language, sentiment, author, and more.

"Filters" drop-down menu in Brand Monitoring app

For more insights on your brand reputation, check the “Analytics” tab.

Here, you can see the total number of brand mentions for the selected ****, your estimated reach, overall brand sentiment, share of voice (how your business’ brand awareness compares to that of your competitors), and more.

"Analytics" dashboard in Brand Monitoring app

What We Like

Detailed reporting on brand mentions, with insights on geographical breakdown of mentions, overall brand sentiment, etc.


You can try out the Brand Monitoring app for seven days completely free of charge. The paid plan costs $49/month.

4. Reputation

Reputation offers a great solution for businesses looking to monitor and respond to customer reviews across the web.

Reputation tracks hundreds of review websites. And allows you to access all customer feedback from a single location through a centralized inbox. 

From here, you can easily route conversations to appropriate team members or share positive reviews to Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) with a single click.

"Inbox" section in Reputation tool

Aside from review management, Reputation can also help you track mentions of your brand on social media. There’s also the Sentiment Map feature that lets you analyze brand sentiment and uncover trends and patterns when it comes to how people view your brand.

You can also use the software to track competitor mentions and benchmark your brand reputation and performance against the competition.

A table comparing your brand and a competitor in Reputation

What We Like

Reputation’s proprietary Reputation Score metric helps you understand your brand’s reputation in a single metric. The software also provides recommendations on how you can improve your Reputation Score.

Reputation’s proprietary Reputation Score metric


Reputation doesn’t list pricing on its website. You’ll need to contact the company’s sales team to get a quote.

5. Determ

Determ tracks over 100 million sources to help you find all mentions of your brand online. It uses AI-powered data analysis to measure brand sentiment and track how the perception of your brand changes over time.

You can use it to review all conversations about your brand from a central location.

A "Feed" dashboard in Determ

There are options to select specific sources you’d like to track, as well as filter results by language, location, influencer score, and type of sentiment (e.g., positive or negative).

Determ’s AI assistant feature lets you perform media analysis in seconds to uncover trends and spot patterns.

Determ’s AI assistant feature

It can also summarize competitor brand sentiment and compare share of voice.

You can also schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports on your brand performance. And receive them in your email inbox.

What We Like

Determ sends you alerts for spikes in the volume of brand mentions. This allows you to capitalize on positive sentiment or address any issues that might be causing a negative attitude toward your brand.

It also offers handy AI-generated summaries that can help you understand the reason for a specific increase in mentions.


Determ offers three plans you can choose from: Plus, Premium, and Multibrand. Plan pricing isn’t available publicly, so you’ll need to reach out to their sales team to get a quote.

6. Reputology

Reputology is an online reputation management solution that allows you to monitor, manage, and analyze online reviews from a single location.

It tracks over 100 review websites and social media platforms. Including Google Business Profile and Facebook.

Apart from finding new reviews through the Reputology dashboard, the software can also notify you about reviews via automated emails. This allows you to react quickly and respond to every new review that comes in as quickly as possible.

What We Like

Reputology uses semantic analysis technology to turn reviews into actionable data, highlighting recurring themes and topics.


Reputology offers a free 14-day trial you can use to test out the software. If you’d like to continue using the software after the trial period, you’ll need to opt for one of the paid plans:

  • Solo ($110/month)
  • Professional ($180/month)
  • Agency ($400/month)
  • Partner ($2,500/month)

7. Mention

Mention is a social media reputation management software that monitors more than 1 billion online sources across blogs, review websites, social media platforms, forums, and more.

It works by tracking specific keywords you set. Note that these don’t have to be your brand keywords—you can also track mentions of your competition.

The software displays mentions in an interface similar to a social media newsfeed.

Mention's "Feed" interface

From here, you can review and reply to all mentions in a couple of clicks, as well as filter mentions by source or reach.

What We Like

One thing that sets Mention apart from other similar tools is its ability to fetch mentions up to two years in the past. This ensures that not a single mention of your brand goes unnoticed.


You can try Mention for free by using the 14-day trial offer. Paid plans include:

  • Solo ($49/month)
  • Pro ($99/month)
  • ProPlus ($179/month)
  • Company (custom pricing)

8. Chatmeter

Chatmeter tracks brand mentions across a variety of sources.

It uses machine learning and natural language processing to allow you to understand brand sentiment and uncover issues before they harm your brand’s reputation.

A "Summary" dashboard in Chatmeter

There’s also the Local Brand Visibility (LBV) score, Chatmeter’s proprietary metric that can help you gauge your brand’s online presence and benchmark it against the competition.

What We Like

With most similar tools, you’d need to handle responses to brand mentions manually. Chatmeter gives you the option to use generative AI to generate appropriate responses, helping you save plenty of time.


Chatmeter’s pricing isn’t available publicly. You can contact the company’s sales team to get a quote.

9. Awario

Awario can monitor social media, blogs, news websites, reviews, and forums for mentions of your brand. It crawls over 13 billion pages every day and is capable of tracking mentions across any language and location.

Awario's interface

You can filter for positive, negative, and neutral mentions. This can help you prioritize responses.

Awario’s social listening dashboard allows you to review your brand’s online reputation at a glance and get a better understanding of brand sentiment trends.

There’s also the option to create custom reports using the drag-and-drop report builder.

What We Like

Awario lets you sort mentions by reach, which allows you to tackle the highest-impact conversations first.


Awario offers a free trial you can use to test out the software. Paid plans include:

  • Starter ($49/month)
  • Pro ($149/month)
  • Enterprise ($399/month)

10. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a media monitoring solution that tracks a variety of online sources, including review sites, forums, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and more.

All you need to do is enter your brand name. Mentionlytics will find your latest brand mentions across the web in a matter of seconds.

Mentionlytics's interface showing Instagram mentions on the left-hand side, and other mentions on the right-hand side

It’s suitable for both brands and marketing and PR agencies.

The software automatically classifies mentions into positive, negative, and neutral. And sends the latest mentions to your email inbox.

What We Like

The virality detection feature alerts you of sudden increases in mentions so you can monitor what’s going on and act accordingly.


You can use Mentionlytics’ 14-day trial offer to test out the software for free. After the trial period is over, you’ll need to choose one of the five available paid plans:

  • Basic ($49/month)
  • Essential ($139/month)
  • Advanced ($249/month)
  • Pro ($399/month)
  • Agency/Enterprise (custom pricing)

11. Brandwatch

Brandwatch helps brands track and quantify brand mentions across dozens of channels. It offers consumer intelligence, social media management, and influencer marketing features.

The software tracks over 100 million sources and uses AI analysis to uncover trends and insights about your brand’s reputation.

It also gives you the ability to categorize mentions into custom categories. So you can prioritize certain responses or delegate specific categories to team members.

"Feed overview" tab in Brandwatch, categorized by "Unread," "Vegananuary," and "Home Delivery"

What We Like

Brandwatch’s database stores conversations going back to 2010 (a total of 1.6 trillion online conversations)—one of the most comprehensive databases among this category of software. 

This means that you’ll likely be able to find the majority of online mentions of your brand that were ever made.


Brandwatch offers the following plans:

  • Consumer Intelligence: Aimed at researchers and analysts who want to analyze consumer opinion and gather market insights
  • Social Media Management: Designed for social media marketers looking for a way to manage all their company’s social media channels from a single location
  • Influencer Marketing: Suitable or influencer marketing agencies looking to discover new influencers and manage influence relationships from a central dashboard

Plan pricing isn’t available publicly, so you’ll need to reach out for a quote.

12. Brand24

Brand24 tracks 25 million online sources, including blogs, forums, review sites, Facebook, Instagram, X, Reddit, YouTube, and more.

It also supports tracking mentions across 108 languages.

Brand24’s mentions feed feature lets you review and respond to brand mentions in a few clicks.

Brand24’s "Social Listening" feed

The software can also digest thousands of brand mentions into an easy-to-review word cloud.

It identifies positive, negative, and neutral mentions automatically. And allows you to filter mentions by sentiment, source, number of visits, and more.

Then, there are Brand24’s proprietary metrics like Brand Reach and Brand Reputation. Which can help you benchmark and stay on top of brand performance more easily.

What We Like

Brand24 can track mentions across podcasts, a feature that’s difficult to find among online reputation management tools.


Brand24 offers a 14-day free trial you can use to test out the software and see if it’s the right fit for your needs. Paid plans include:

  • Individual ($99/month)
  • Team ($179/month)
  • Pro ($249/month)
  • Enterprise ($499/month)

13. YouScan

YouScan allows you to manage brand reputation, analyze customer opinions, and uncover actionable insights about your brand.

It monitors over 500,000 media sources and lets you track mentions using keywords, logos, or brand names in images. You can organize mentions using tags or let YouScan categorize them automatically based on sentiment.

There’s also the option to create custom rules to automate tagging and categorization.

You can create custom reports and dashboards to analyze brand reputation and performance in detail.

A dashboard created in YouScan

What We Like

The AI-powered visual analysis feature can detect your brand logo in images, uncovering mentions most other tools aren’t capable of.


YouScan offers two plans:

  • Starter 3 ($299/month, billed annually)
  • Unlimited (custom pricing)

14. Reviewshake

Reviewshake can automatically notify you about new reviews of your business. 

It allows you to see brand sentiment at a glance and helps you understand how your brand’s reputation improves or worsens (hopefully not!) over time.

Reviewshake tracks over 85 review sources, including Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Facebook. And allows you to review your reputation and ratings by platform.

"My Reviews" dashboard in Reviewshake

You can also use it to benchmark brand reputation and performance against your competitors.

What We Like

The ability to compare brand sentiment by geographical location and understand how your reputation changes across different states or countries.


You can try out Reviewshake for free by taking advantage of the 14-day trial offer. Paid plans include:

  • Small ($39/month)
  • Medium ($79/month)
  • Large ($99/month)
  • Agency ($199/month)

15. ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers monitors over 90 of the most popular review sites, including Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Trustpilot.

It uses natural language processing to identify trends and patterns across customer feedback. And organizes customer reviews automatically to help you focus on positive, negative, or neutral feedback.

"Reviews" table in ReviewTrackers

What We Like

ReviewTrackers also includes features for helping you manage and improve your employer brand reputation. It analyzes overall sentiment across employee feedback and identifies areas for improvement by monitoring reviews on websites such as Glassdoor.


ReviewTrackers’ pricing is dependent on the number of locations you’d like to track, starting at $119/month per location, paid annually.

Online reputation management tools can help you stay on top of all the different reviews and mentions of your brand online. And allow you to prevent a potential brand crisis.

While there are no completely free online reputation management tools, most are fairly affordable. And worth the money.

To get started with online reputation management, check out the Media Monitoring and Brand Monitoring apps for Semrush. Then, use the Social Inbox app to centralize all customer communication and ensure no message goes unanswered.

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